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On November 3, 2010, the West Rouge Canoe Club (WRCC) voted at its Annual General Meeting to change its name to the Pickering Rouge Canoe Club (WRCC). The change was made to better reflect the club’s history and communities in which it serves. Pickering Rouge Canoe Club (WRCC) is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in providing recreational activities and competitive training in the sports of flat water canoe and kayak racing, war canoes and dragon boat.  We invite people of all ages to explore these enjoyable water sports. With our sites at Frenchman's Bay and Rouge River Park, WRCC can provide programs of interest to everyone from the absolute beginner to high performance athletes.

Our History

Pickering Rouge Canoe Club started as West Rouge Canoe Club

The West Rouge Canoe Club (WRCC) was founded by the West Rouge Kiwanis in 1958 to help develop the young people of West Rouge and surrounding area.  They constructed a 16' x 40' wooden building close to the mouth of the Rouge River near Lake Ontario on what was Known as Ferguson's Beach.  A Kiwanian, the owner Russ Rerguson agreed to have the building on his property for the annual fee of $1.00 which he never accepted.  A war canoe was acquired along with a couple of small boats from the Island Canoe Club.  Soon WRCC was able to raise enough money to add a  K-4 to its fleet. 

In 1959, the West Rouge Canoe Club first competed in the Canadian Canoe Association National Championships.  While this was a good start, the first few years were very difficult.  With only 15 members in the club, the Kiwanians were putting most of their money into WRCC while the coaches spent most of their free time repairing boats and fund raising. 

By 1962 it appeared that the club would have to fold. The heavy work load taken on by the organizing volunteers was exhausting their initial commitment. Peddler's parents learned of this, met and realized that the club played an important role in the community. They decided to get involved:  a full executive was formed, a charter was acquired, fund raising schemes were developed and carried out, and a membership drive was launched.

In the mid 60's, Russ Ferguson's property was expropriated by the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (MTRCA), and the club was asked to move the building to a different site on the beach.  In a single day the clubhouse was hauled by volunteers on railroad ties down the beach to its new location.

Membership along with the size of the fleet continued to grow.  The boathouse was bulging at the seams.  The WRCC executive met with MTRCA to discuss construction of a new building.  Although a new building was not allowed, WRCC was given permission to move an expropriated cottage to adjoin the existing clubhouse.  The club executive and some of the older boys dismantled the cottage, tied two war canoes together and towed the lumber two miles down the river to the new site.

Flat water sprint racing is based on straight 500 and 1000 meter courses.  To effectively train competitive paddlers for local, provincial and national events WRCC expanded in 1993 to a second site on Frenchman's Bay in Pickering.   The Pickering Kinsmen donated a trailer, and with assistance of MTRCA and the Town of Pickering, WRCC established a high performance training facility on the west spit of the bay.  Competitive paddling in small boats (1, 2, and 4 person canoes and kayaks) and war canoes (14 paddlers) flourished with the number of competitive paddlers rising from 40 to 176 by 1995.  With the clubhouse at the Rouge River site; it remained a major focus for the club.  It has continued as the choice location for exposing new and young paddlers to the sport.

Summer Camp for Youth

In 1995, the Club established a Summer Camp program for the youth of Scarborough and Pickering.  The Rouge River site now had the necessary space with the older athletes spending most of their time at the bay. Averaging 350 participants per year, the camps run weekly from the start of July until the end of August will for children from 6 to 16 years of age.  Canoe Camp provides an introduction to the sport of canoeing and kayaking, teaches water and boat safety skills, and lets the kids just have fun with swimming at a local pool, picnics up river, scavenger hunts, capture the flag, beach volleyball, basketball, sand castle contests and penguin polo.  Building upon the success of our Canoe Camp, the Club establish a Dragon Boat Camp in 2006 at our Frenchman’s Bay site to meet the needs of youth in the local Pickering community. 

Fire at the WRCC

Disaster struck on March 23, 1995.  The wooden clubhouse was destroyed by fire with its large collection of historic trophies, plaques and regatta burgees, and all boats on the Rouge River site.  Fifty-two boats ranging from several $10,000 racing boats to recreational canoes were completely burnt along with the safety boat and motor, all equipment on site and Clubhouse furnishings. Replacing the boats that were lost cost $185,000.  The clubhouse has never been rebuilt due to the high cost of construction to modern standards.  The Rouge River site today has one large trailer to house the boats and equipment used for the summer camps. Notwithstanding these losses, the Club dramatically increased membership and achieved a placing of 5th overall out of 48 clubs at the National Championships in 1995, as well as a 3rd place finish in 1996. 

1996 Atlanta Olympics

The West Rouge Canoe Club qualified 4 paddlers as members of the Olympic canoeing team, the highest number sent by any single club.  Our Olympians are Klari Macaskill K-2, Alison Hearst K-2, Liam Jewell K-4 and Eric Gervais K-1.

Dragon Boat

For several years, Club paddlers and coaches have been on many boat crews representing Canada in many international competitions.  Recently, Club members have participated in the 2004 World Dragon Boat Championships in Shanghai, the 2005 World Dragon Boat Championships in Berlin, the 2006 World Club Crew Championships in Toronto and the 2007 World Dragon Boat Championships in Australia.  These crews have included local community paddlers and high school crews from local high schools.  Our crews are both recreational and completive on the water in the spring and summer, and staying active with dry-land training in the winter.

In June 1997 WRCC hosted the first annual Pickering Dragon Boat Challenge on Frenchman's Bay.  The club continues to be instrumental in this annual event.

Historic Club Changes name from West Rouge Canoe Club to Pickering Rouge Canoe Club

Established in 1958 on a beach in cottage country, the West Rouge Canoe Club now spans two growing cities in the most heavily populated area of Canada.  While much has changed, the same desire to get the local people involved, developing the hearts, minds and bodies of our community youth remains unchanged. Integrating the competitive and recreational aspects of the sport has always been a challenge.  The racing community has recognized this and moves are being made to allow athletes to compete in tiers.  This will let those newer to the sport and those interested in light competition to participate more fully.  With our sites at the Frenchman's Bay and the Rouge River, WRCC is positioned to provide programs to interest everyone from novice to high performance and all points in between.

On November 3, 2010, the West Rouge Canoe Club voted at its Annual General Meeting to change its name to the Pickering Rouge Canoe Club (PRCC). The change was made to better reflect the club’s history and communities in which it serves. The club now spans two growing cities in the most heavily populated area of Canada. While much has changed, the same desire to get local people involved, developing the hearts, minds and bodies of our community remains unchanged. With our sites at Frenchman's Bay and Rouge River, the Pickering Rouge Canoe Club is well positioned to provide programs of interest for everyone from novice to high performance and all points in between. We offer canoe, kayak, dragon boat, outrigger, PaddleAll, a junior dragon boat challenge, dragon boat rental, coaching services, summer camps, and counselor-in-training programs. .   


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent boats?

WRCC does rent out our dragon boats on a seasonal or per session basis and is a great way for local businesses and community groups to develop team building while enjoying the great outdoors.  For more information visit our Dragon Boat Rental Packages.  To try out our fleet of canoes and kayaks visit our Calendar of Events and look for our Open House dates.

Who can join?

Whether your interesting is in summer camps for your children, recreational paddling, flatwater racing, dragon boating or adventure racing the West Rouge Canoe Club has a program that is right for you.

Would you recommend this sport to children?

Yes, if you'd like them to spend the summer doing something healthy with positive and helpful role models and friends in an outdoor setting.  The whole family can, and often does get involved.

My kids are already involved in summer activities, what's so special about paddling?

Youth at WRCC work with experienced coaches whose goal is to help the paddlers develop confidence and skills at his or her own rate.  The emphasis is on safety, personal development and fun.  The focus on individual goals makes paddling well suited to young athletes with developing ability, co-ordination and strength.  Members can paddle in crew boats and singles, so it's both a team and individual sport.  Those who wish to try racing have many chances during the summer, no matter what their ability level.

What's the best age to start paddling?

Some children begin as early as age 6 within our weekly Summer Camp Programs.  Others have joined in their mid-50's.  WRCC provides introduction programs to suit all ages.

Do I have to buy my own equipment?

No, the Club provides all paddling equipment including boats, paddles and PFD's.  It is suggested that you bring a change of clothes or towel, water and protection from the sun.

Do I have to race?

No, some members are not interested in racing and would rather just experience the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle in a fun and knowledgeable environment.

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